If your terminal is not working properly and an error message appears on the screen, go to the list of Error Messages and locate the message you see on the terminal. If the problem appears to be with the hardware, go to the list of Hardware Problems and locate the symptom. Then, review the possible problems and try the suggested solution.

Note: Please keep any receipts printed during problem transactions. The Service Centre representative may require information that appears on the receipts.

If this does not resolve the problem, contact Moneris Customer Care for assistance.

Error Messages

A message will appear on the terminal display if an error occurs. Review this list of error messages to find suggested solutions.


Hardware Problems

If terminal does not display an error message but is not functioning correctly, review this list of hardware problems to find suggested solutions.


Backup Credit Card Transactions

If the terminal is not functioning, you may be able to process Credit card purchase and refund transactions manually. Review these instructions to ensure the Credit transactions are processed and completed correctly.

IMPORTANT: Debit transactions CANNOT be processed manually.