Optional Features

These features may be available on your terminal depending on the configuration of your Merchant ID on the Moneris host. If a feature is available on your terminal and you want to use it, you must enable and configure it. If you do not want to use a feature, you can disable it.

Contact Moneris Customer Care to discuss these options and determine whether changes to your Merchant ID configuration are required in order to enable them.

IMPORTANT:  Some of these programs require agreements with a service provider other than Moneris Solutions. Please ensure that the necessary agreements are in place before attempting to enable those programs on the terminal.

        Automatic Remote Download

        Chip Cards

        Contactless Cards

        Signatureless Transactions

        Tip Processing

        Cashback (Debit transactions)

        Clerk IDs and Clerk Sub-totalling

        Invoice Number Prompting

        Manual Card Entry

        Personalized receipts

        PAN Fraud Control

        Manager Password

        Password Protection Manual Card Entry

        Multi-Terminal Reporting

        Private Label Cards

        Corporate Cards

        Moneris Gift Program

        Moneris Loyalty Program

        Surcharge on Debit transactions   

        Partial Approval

        Balance Inquiry on Pre-paid Credit Cards

        NSR Transactions

        Debit Pre-dial

        Credit Pre-dial