Data Stories from Quebec's Reopening
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Data Stories from Quebec's Reopening

July 21, 2021 Calculating time...
As Quebec began its first retail reopening phase on June 7, Quebecers resumed their consumption habits with their favorite local businesses. Since the opening of terraces, restaurants, bars and gyms, the craze has been felt throughout the province.


  • Across the province there was a 6% increase in volumes week-over-week
  • There was a 67% increase in gyms and studios and 12% increase in restaurants as patios reopened
  • Laval had the highest increase in gyms and studios at a 307% increase week-over-week
  • The highest increase in restaurant spending was in Laval at 25% over the previous week
  • Certain regions also saw increases in hotels and/or car rentals including Gatineau, Québec City, and Sherbrooke

Top 5 non-essential retail categories were:

1. Bookstores: 22%

2. Artists supply & craft stores: 15%

3. Health & beauty spas: 11%

4. Department stores: 9%

5. Apparel: 5%

Spending Volumes by Region

Data Stories from Quebec's Reopening

About the data: Quebec Reopening data is based on the transaction volumes for the week of June 7-13, 2021 as compared to the week prior of May 31-June 6, 2021. Moneris spending reports measure spending in Canada across a range of categories by analyzing credit and debit card transaction data. The figures and percentages cited are derived from aggregated transaction volumes being processed by Moneris in the applicable categories.

Regional Breakouts


  • -3% decrease in volumes overall
  • 5% increase in volumes at restaurants
  • 12% increase in gyms & studios
  • 16% increase in hotels
  • 15% increase in car rentals


  • 0% increase in volumes overall
  • 25% increase in restaurants – highest in the province
  • 307% increase in gyms and studios – highest in the province
  • 15% increase in apparel
  • 12% increase in department stores


  • 10% increase in volumes overall – highest in the province
  • 14% increase in restaurants
  • 63% increase in gyms & studios
  • 10% increase in apparel
  • 80% increase in art dealers & galleries
  • 25% increase in bookstores

Québec City

  • -7% decrease in volumes overall
  • 9% increase in restaurants
  • -30% decrease in gyms and studios
  • 33% increase in car rentals
  • 53% increase in gift, card, novelty


  • -2% increase in volumes overall
  • 1% increase in restaurants
  • -52% decrease in gyms and studios
  • 14% increase in hotels 

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