Enterprise Fraud Protection

Improve your bottom line & make returns easier with return fraud.

It pays to fight fraud and keep data secure

Moneris helps deter fraud, improve customer experience and create cost savings by offering end-to-end fraud protection solutions

Online fraud protection to improve your bottom line

Moneris Kount is a comprehensive fraud protection platform designed for businesses looking to considerably reduce exposure to fraud and strategically assess customers in real- time.

How it works

  1. Step 1

    Customer initiates online purchase

  2. Step 2

    Transaction data is analyzed & provides a risk score based on hundreds of relevant variables

  3. Step 3

    Transaction is either auto approved, auto declined or flagged for manual review, in less than half a second

The Benefits of Moneris Kount

  1. Mitigate fraud losses

  2. Reduce chargebacks

  3. Minimize manual reviews

  4. Increase order acceptance


  1. Real-time Results

    Enables a friction-free checkout with an average response of 300 milliseconds

  2. Predictive modeling

    Moneris Kount analyzes hundreds of variables to create an exceptionally accurate prediction of fraud

  3. Customizable

    Customize rules based on your business needs & tolerance

  4. Risk scoring

    Moneris Kount uses information from billions of purchase attempts to generate a numeric risk score for every transaction


Make returns easier for your customers while staying one step ahead of return fraud.

Moneris Verify is a real time, data driven return authorization solution designed for large enterprises looking to reduce return fraud.

How it works

  1. Step 1

    Customer initiates return and reciept is scanned. Customer ID may also be scanned.

  2. Step 2

    Transaction data is analyzed using predictive analytics and provides a risk decision in real time.

  3. Step 3

    Return is either Approved,Warned or Declined within milliseconds.

The Benefits of Moneris Verify

  1. Deter return fraud and abuse

  2. Improve customer experience

  3. Create cost savings


  1. Manage Returns

    Uses sophisticated data science to distinguish between every day & fraudulent returns

  2. Real-time Results

    Results given in real-time at the return counter

  3. Improve Return Policies

    Helps retailers implement consumer friendly return policies while mitigating risk of fraud

  4. Accessible Support

    Dedicated call center to handle customer inquiries

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