"Yes, We Are Open" Episode 5 - The Grist Craft Kitchen & Brewery
Merchant Spotlight, "Yes, We Are Open" Podcast

"Yes, We Are Open" Episode 5 - The Grist Craft Kitchen & Brewery

November 01, 2021 Calculating time...

Al visits The Grist Craft Kitchen & Brewery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Owners Rob and Danielle put everything on the line including their home and savings to follow Rob’s dream of opening a restaurant and brewery in their hometown. After 3 long years of construction delays, and with a pandemic still wreaking havoc on the food service industry, The Grist finally opened their doors this past June. How did they do? Listen now to find out.

You can find out even more about The Grist at http://www.thegrist.ca.

Listen here:

For a transcript of this episode in English, click here.


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