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The Moneris Gateway Service

whitelabelatmOur Moneris ATM Gateway Services division has been supplying the ATM technology infrastructure and payment network connectivity to banks, credit unions and ABM processors for more than 22 years. We like to consider ourselves one of the first payment networks in Canada!

Our ATM Gateway service continues to provide ATM connectivity to our clients for various payment networks including:

  • Interac Member Network (IMN)
  • AMEX & Amex International Networks
  • MasterCard/Cirrus Networks
  • Visa Net/PLUS Networks

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For payment processing gateways (Merchant Services Accounts to accept debit and credit card payments), please complete the Apply Now form.

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Our Commitment:

Moneris works with its clients not just as a vendor but as a partner to fully develop a strategy that delivers cost savings, retains and potentially builds upon your existing functionality, and positions you for future growth in the payments space. Moneris’ Tandem/Base24 processing platform supports a wide range of services. These switching and payment card services include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to the Interac network and numerous international payment networks including MasterCard/Cirrus, Visa/PLUS and American Express.
  • EMV card acceptance and transaction processing.
  • POS Driving & Processing
    • Moneris has more than 350,000 POS devices in the marketplace with more than 100,000 of them being CHIP compliant – a first in Canada.
    • Routing of “On Us” and “At Us” transactions
    • 24/7/365 Operations for all help desk functions
    • Comprehensive online and offline reporting
    • Joining the Moneris Network allows your devices to acquire more than 2,000,000 Subscriber Issuer cards and all Royal Bank of Canada cards all without Interac assessment fees

    We continue to enable our clients to receive the benefits normally associated with full network or card brand and/or association membership, without having to manage the communications and system interfaces, compliance requirements, settlement risk and the transfer or movement of funds between parties.

    Proven Relationships

    Moneris Solutions maintains strong business relationships with our clients that concentrates on a shared core principle of customer service. This core principle is maintained by continually focusing on the identification and fulfilment of your needs and requirements as well as the provision of solutions and mutually agreed to resolutions to business issues.

    Benefits of the Moneris “ON US” Network

    Any transaction that takes place between a cardholder from an issuing institution that participates in the network and an acquiring Moneris subscriber will remain within the Moneris network and will be considered an “on us” transaction. As a result, both the issuer and acquirer will avoid the Interac assessment or marketing fee on those transactions. Both acquirers and issuers will save money on any transaction conducted at the more than 37,000 white label ABMs connected to the Moneris Network as well as the more than 4500 Royal Bank ABMs. These savings will also be realized on all cardholder transactions that occur at any of the 350,000 Moneris Merchant locations. For ABM processors, you’ll benefit from having more than 15 million cardholders who have cards issued by financial institution members or subscribers of the Moneris network.

    Settlement and Reconciliation Services

    The Moneris Gateway Services business currently settles with eight different networks, numerous banking systems, and more than thirty different clients. We settle directly to the client’s account at the designated settlement agent Financial Institution in accordance with CPA regulations.

    We’re proud to announce that we currently settle and reconcile the largest Interac and on-us volumes in the country for merchant POS, ATM Acquiring and Financial Institution Issuers and Acquirers.

    Such large volume has demanded that we assemble a reconciliation services team second to none in the country. We have a dedicated settlement and exception item support team that would be put to work to help support our clients’ reconciliation requirements.

    This group provides settlement and reconciliation services on behalf of our clients including:

    • Trace requests
    • Settlement Adjustments (for all associations and the Moneris network)
    • Secure emails/faxing
    • Interac adjustment facilities
    • Automated settlement processing
    Flexible Transaction & Activity Reporting

    Moneris’ data center and reporting standards are among the best in the industry. We currently provide a variety of reports showing all transactions. To complement these reports, we also offer flexible file transmission protocols to deliver the information in a secure and compliant fashion.

    Transaction Tracing Capabilities

    Moneris has the ability to trace transactions within range of its network as well as having the interface into the various associations. As part of our standard Network Interface Management, we continually monitor and trace our transactions to ensure system, network and association compliance. As well, client tracing is available to assist our clients in addressing any concerns.

    Disaster Recovery

    Moneris supports disaster recovery with a DR site in Guelph, Ontario. Our network maintains numerous redundancies as well as multiple links to main and backup sites. Should a disaster strike, Moneris will move all of its Network Gateway Processing activities to our DR site. As well, Moneris has drafted and regularly updates it disaster recovery management tools. A dedicated team ensures that Moneris is at the forefront of ongoing management and communication with its clients during a disaster.

    Unsurpassed Transaction Switching Services

    Moneris with its technology partner Royal Bank of Canada has implemented the new HP Non-Stop Integrity NS16000 with XP SAN Storage. This platform can handle up to 500 TPS and is scalable to meet our ever expanding demand. Along with state of the art technology, Moneris initiates its quality control program with rigorous planning - disciplined growth forecasting and capacity planning to meet peak demand.

    Multiple Telco Vendor Relationships

    In order to ensure a robust processing environment, Moneris has created relationships with major telecommunications companies in Canada with dedicated account representation. Each of our networks, including MPLS is redundant, monitored and fully managed by our vendors. We recognize that not only are payment engines important, but also the telecommunications infrastructure that supports it.

    Relationship Management

    We truly believe that each client needs and deserves as single point of contact for problem resolution as well as discussing day-to-day items

    Dedicated Support of the Entire Moneris Gateway Team

    Our Gateway Services team have extensive card processing and payments industry experience and are active participants within the industry, including various industry and association committees, boards and working groups.

    Open Communication

    We’ve developed a unique infrastructure to service the diverse needs of our clients. A team of service and support professionals from various areas within Moneris are assigned to you, to deliver the personalized service our clients have come to expect.