Jun 12, 2012

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Fraud Alert: Phishing email - June 2012

We have recently discovered some customers are receiving fraudulent "phishing" emails which attempt to gather their Moneris Account credentials.

These emails may have some of the following characteristics:

  • From a forged email address such as "Moneris Financial Services <suspension@moneris.com>"
  • Letting you know that your "Moneris SSL certificate has expired."
  • Asking you to log in and generate and import a new digital certificate
  • Ask you to reset your password etc.

These emails typically contain a link which will take you to a web page which looks like a Moneris Service such as the Merchant Direct Login or E-Select Plus Login pages.

If you have received one of these emails, please immediately delete it. Do not click the link or enter your Moneris Login credentials.

If you clicked on the link and tried to log in, please immediately login to your Moneris Account and change your password.

For Merchant Direct Customers – Please go to:

For E-Select Plus Customers – Please go to:

In addition, you should contact us via Message Centre and monitor your account for suspicious activity.

If you have not clicked on the link, please delete the email.

What is “phishing”?

Phishing is a type of fraud that uses email, web pages and text messages to gather personal, financial and sensitive information for the purpose of identity theft. Most commonly, users receive spam email, text messages and pop-up windows that appear to come from legitimate businesses asking the recipient to confirm or provide personal information such as passwords, social insurance, credit card and account numbers.

How can you protect your business from online threats like phishing?

  • Be aware of the potential risks and educate yourself and your staff on how to handle them. Question the source of all email messages you receive, and call us to confirm the source of any email messages or other communications if you have any concerns.
  • Build into your regular routine time to evaluate and update your security procedures. We provide information to assist you with here.

Moneris Solutions does not ask its merchants to provide, confirm or update their records via email. We will not send emails from a third party address or link to a third party site.

We are committed to keeping you informed of latest fraud trends and protecting your business. If you have any additional concerns, contact us at 1-866-319-7450.