Merchant Direct Announcements

November 2013

Moneris would like to inform you that we have updated our statements to provide more clarity and transparency in your merchant processing details on Merchant Direct. On your Merchant Direct statement, you will now see the following changes:


Current Future
Premium Plus Premium Elite


Current Future
Premium Plus Premium Elite
Consumer PayPass Consumer Contactless
Premium PayPass Premium Contactless
High Spend PayPass Premium Elite Contactless
Commercial Data Corporate Data
Commercial Large Ticket Corporate Large Ticket


Current Future
Premium Plus Premium Elite

November 2012

Moneris is offering new functionality to help you manage copy requests and chargeback notifications with greater ease. You can now be notified of these events via email and track the dispute process via Merchant Direct, another great service brought to you by Moneris. This is in addition to the existing message centre notifications you may be receiving today. With this new functionality you have the option to receive email notification(s) when there are new retrieval requests and/or chargebacks posted to your account. You will also receive reminders for copy requests and/or chargebacks that are pending with 5 or less days remaining to action.

To enrol for this service please log in to Merchant Direct, access the ‘Update Your Profile’ screen and select the checkboxes to turn on email notifications. Your account will then be updated to receive your choice of copy requests, chargeback and message centre notifications by email. If you do not want to receive email notifications no action required, the default is set to ‘No’.

April 2012

View and manage chargeback details

Based on feedback from our merchants, we’ve improved Merchant Direct – you can now view and manage additional chargeback and copy request details online.

The following changes will be implemented on April 14, 2012:

  • Check the status and the outcome of outstanding chargeback requests
  • Download supporting documents or images

For more information on how to use this new feature, view the Chargeback Help document available on the Chargeback Menu in Merchant Direct.

Please note – in order to ensure that you are best equipped to respond within the allotted time, you will continue to receive chargeback notices by fax, and you should continue to respond in the same manner as today.

Important information on April / May 2011 enhancements to Merchant Direct

The following changes will be implemented on April 1, 2011:

  • New Non-Qualified and Interchange Differential Transaction Report available for merchants and chains
  • Transaction Search Facility for merchants and chains has been enhanced to show one additional column

The following changes will be implemented on May 1, 2011:

  • New Monthly Service Fees Report available for merchants and chains
  • Enhanced Transaction Fee Breakdown Report for merchants and chains – shows all card types.
  • Enhanced Financial Details Report – hyperlink to drill-down to details on fees entries
  • Enhanced Monthly Statement for merchants and chains
  • The CSV file format for the Monthly Corporate Statement will have the following changes:
    • Other Service Fees renamed Total Service Fees – sum of all service fees including device rentals
    • Device Fees is obsolete and will contain 0.00 for statements April 2011 onward
    • Total Transaction Fee will be only chargeback transaction fees for statements April 2011 onward
    • MasterCard Discount Amount renamed MasterCard Transaction Fees
    • Visa Discount Amount renamed Visa Transaction Fees
    • Maestro Discount Amount renamed Maestro Transaction Fees
    • Additional six new fields to the end of the existing format for Interac Transaction Fees, Interac Net Sales Amount, Interac Gross Sales Amount, Other Card Transaction Fees, Other Card Net Sales Amount and Other Card Gross Sales Amount